Rob van der Veer
Rob van der Veer: Experienced manager and entrepreneur, with an extensive software development background and nine years of CEO positions. A driven and creative generalist who knows technology and how to get the best out of people.
Rob is principal consultant at Software Improvement Group.
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Began programming in Assembler at the age of 12, won first price in government programming competition at 16 and then started developing software commercially.
Studied Information Science at the University of Twente.
Started in 1992 at Sentient Machine Research and created DataDetective, what would become the company's main data mining product. In 2003, took over all data mining activities to Sentient and was CEO for 7 years. November 2010: Became managing director of Serials Solutions Medialab, makers of Aquabrowser.

Since June 2012: principal consultant at SIG, making a difference in getting software right.

- Software development organization (publication)

- Data mining for police (publication)

- Software security (publications)
Member of the Jacquard government funding program commity, representing SME's in the Netherlands.

Member of the expert panel for Computable magazine.
Co-founded ClanBase in 1998 and helped make it the biggest online gaming community with over a million active members and hundreds of volunteers. Sold it to the Global Gaming League in 2004 (press release). Organized several international gaming tournament events for ClanBase and made an award winning gaming movie. Wrote songs and albums, played many gigs (lead vocals, guitar). Last album Soul mate on iTunes and LastFM.